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Disclaimer - Onerserv

Onerserv is a ZACR accredited Registrar, should you wish to alert us of a violation of our Terms & Conditions, and, or report any abuse involving a Registered Domain Name on our network, please lodge the report as per the steps below. Illegal content that must be reported includes, but is not limited to, Child Pornography, Child Trafficking, Child-oriented Services (e.g. Grooming), Child Sex Tourism and other sexual offences, etc.

An ABUSE REPORT email must contain the following information:
URL of the where the abuse was found
NOTE: This must be clearly displayed at the beginning of the email;
Description of the abuse detected;
IP address on the network, if available.
The email address to report abuse is: and,
our 24/7 emergency number is: +27 11 568 4339.
Please note that Onerserv will respond within a 24-hour period and take the appropriate legal steps required.

Takedown Information
The Takedown guidelines are set out in Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (Act 25 of 2002) and personal information is required on the form to validate a Takedown Notification. Details of this information may also be found on the ISPA (Internet Service Providers’ Association) website.

Onerserv can only assist in content that is hosted on their platform via a valid User Account. All Takedown Notices must be lodged in writing and can be sent to Onerserv cannot assist in any content that is posted on a social media platform e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc., please liaise directly with the provider. Likewise, Onerserv is unable to request removal of any content that is found on search engines that are not hosted on the platform.

The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (Act 25 of 2002) provides immunity to South African ISPs (Internet Service Providers) from liability for content that is transited through, or hosted on their networks.

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